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Open Detection

Open Detection

Open Detection (OD) is a standalone open source project for object detection and recognition in images and 3D point clouds. Open Detection is released under the terms of the BSD license, and thus free for commercial and research use. The project was originated under Google Summer of Code 2015 with the aim of having a vision tool for robotics (in particular for Robocomp).

The library is built with a very specific goal - to answer the fundamental problem of Computer Vision - Object Recognition and Detection. We make available to everyone the existing solution in this direction in a common, intuitive and user-friendly APIs.

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GSoC 2016 - Accepted Projects:

Congratulations to Giacomo Dabisias and Abhishek Kumar Annamraju for getting their projects accepted in Google Summer of Code 2016! Following are the details of their projects:

GSoC 2016 mentoring organization - accepted

We are in!

We are selected in Google Summer of Code 2016 as a mentoring organization. We hope we can make maximum out of it and get great contributions from the students. Please find the list of ideas for GSoC here - GSoC 2016 Ideas.


We will be presenting our library at FOSSASIA 2016, Singapore - an annual conference featuring prominent Open Tech icons. More details are available in the FOSSASIA 2016 website