Open Detection  1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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||oCODCascadeDetectorA class for detection using Cascade classifiers
||oCODHOGDetectorA linear classifier for HOG features
||oCODFaceRecognizerA facerecognizer based on EigenFace and FischerFace algorithms
||\CODHOGTrainerClass for training HOG based detector
||oCODCADDetector3DGlobalDetector based on 3D global features like VFH, ESF, CVFH etc
||oCODPointCloudGlobalMatchingODPointCloudGlobalMatching: global feature based object detection in point cloud
||\CODCADDetectTrainer3DGlobalTraining class for the detector ODCADDetector3DGlobal
||oCODCADRecognizer2DLocalSimple RANSAC based 3D object recognizer
||\CODCADRecogTrainerSnapshotBasedODCADRecogTrainerSnapshotBased; One of the new algorithm; details will be explained later
|oCODDetectorCommonThe common class for detectors
|oCObjectDetectorThis is the main class for object detection and recognition
|oCODAlgorithmBaseThe base of all algorithm classes
|oCODDetectionThe base class of all the detection
|oCODDetection2DDetection for 2D with 2D location information
|oCODDetection3DDetection in 3D with 3D location information
|oCODDetectionCompleteDetection in 2D with complete information
|oCODDetectionsThe container class for ODDetection
|oCODDetections2DThe container class for ODDetection2D returned by ODDetector2D
|oCODDetections3DThe container class for ODDetection3D returned by ODDetector3D
|oCODDetectionsCompleteThe container class for ODDetectionComplete returned by ODDetector2DComplete
|oCODDetectorThe main detector class; all special Detectors derives from this
|oCODDetector2DThe detector of 2D scene
|oCODDetector3DThe detector of 3D scene
|oCODDetector2DCompleteThe detector of 2D scene performing a 'complete detection'
|oCODSceneBase class for Scenes
|oCODSceneImageClass for Image Scene
|oCODScenePointCloudClass for 3D scene containing point cloud
|oCODTrainerThe base class for all trainers
|oCTimerAn utility class for Timer related operations
|oCFileUtilsUtility class for File and directory handling
|oCODDetectorMultiAlgo2DClass for running multiple Detection algorithms (with default parameters) on the same scene