Open Detection  1.0
SVMlight Class Reference

#include <svmlight.h>

Public Member Functions

void saveModelToFile (const std::string _modelFileName)
void loadModelFromFile (const std::string _modelFileName)
void read_problem (char *filename)
void train ()
void getSingleDetectingVector (std::vector< float > &singleDetectorVector, std::vector< unsigned int > &singleDetectorVectorIndices)
 Generates a single detecting feature vector (vec1) from the trained support vectors, for use e.g. More...
float getThreshold () const
 Return model detection threshold / bias. More...
const char * getSVMName () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SVMlightgetInstance ()
 Singleton. More...

Public Attributes

LEARN_PARM * learn_parm
KERNEL_PARM * kernel_parm

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

SVMlight * SVMlight::getInstance ( )


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void SVMlight::getSingleDetectingVector ( std::vector< float > &  singleDetectorVector,
std::vector< unsigned int > &  singleDetectorVectorIndices 

Generates a single detecting feature vector (vec1) from the trained support vectors, for use e.g.

with the HOG algorithm vec1 = sum_1_n (alpha_y*x_i). (vec1 is a 1 x n column vector. n = feature vector length)

singleDetectorVectorresulting single detector vector for use in openCV HOG
singleDetectorVectorIndicesdummy vector for this implementation

Definition at line 161 of file svmlight.h.

const char* SVMlight::getSVMName ( ) const

Definition at line 192 of file svmlight.h.

float SVMlight::getThreshold ( ) const

Return model detection threshold / bias.

detection threshold / bias

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void SVMlight::loadModelFromFile ( const std::string  _modelFileName)

Definition at line 140 of file svmlight.h.

void SVMlight::read_problem ( char *  filename)

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void SVMlight::saveModelToFile ( const std::string  _modelFileName)

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void SVMlight::train ( )

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Member Data Documentation

KERNEL_PARM* SVMlight::kernel_parm

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LEARN_PARM* SVMlight::learn_parm

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