Open Detection  1.0
od::l2d::ODImageLocalMatchingDetector Class Reference

ODImageLocalMatchingDetector. More...

#include <ODImageLocalMatching.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ODImageLocalMatchingDetector (std::string const &training_data_location_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from od::ODDetector2DComplete
 ODDetector2DComplete (std::string const &trained_data_location_)
virtual ODDetectionsdetect (ODSceneImage *scene)=0
 Function for performing detection on a segmented scene. More...
virtual ODDetections3DdetectOmni (ODSceneImage *scene)=0
 Function for performing detection on an entire scene. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from od::ODDetector
 ODDetector (std::string const &training_data_location_)
virtual ODDetectionsdetect (ODScene *scene)
virtual ODDetectionsdetectOmni (ODScene *scene)
- Public Member Functions inherited from od::ODDetectorCommon
 ODDetectorCommon (std::string const &trained_data_location_="")
virtual void init ()=0
std::string getTrainingInputLocation () const
 Gets/Sets the directory containing the data for training. More...
void setTrainingInputLocation (std::string training_input_location_)
 Gets/Sets the directory containing the data for training. More...
std::string getTrainedDataLocation () const
 Gets/Sets the base directory for trained data. More...
virtual void setTrainedDataLocation (std::string trained_data_location_)
 The base directory for trained data. More...
std::string getSpecificTrainingDataLocation ()
 Gets the specific directory for a Trainer or a Detector inside trained_data_location_. More...
std::string getSpecificTrainingData ()
std::string const & getTrainedDataID () const
void setTrainedDataID (std::string const &trainedDataID)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from od::ODDetector
bool metainfo_
- Protected Attributes inherited from od::ODDetectorCommon
std::string training_input_location_
std::string trained_data_location_
std::string TRAINED_DATA_ID_

Detailed Description


Kripasindhu Sarkar

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

od::l2d::ODImageLocalMatchingDetector::ODImageLocalMatchingDetector ( std::string const &  training_data_location_)

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