Open Detection  1.0
Installation Instructions

The compilation and installation of OD is fairly simple. You first have to install its dependencies before compiling. Folllowing are the dependencies with their specific settings:


OpenCV 3.0

OpenCV 3.0 is to be compiled with the modules xfeatures2d (for features like SIFT) and CUDA.

VTK 6.0 or above

Download and compile latest VTK with its default settings.

PCL 1.8 or above


Get the latest version of Eigen (source) using your package manager.


We use SVMLight for training. To user the feature of training using SVMLight, you need to download the source and put in a specific folder (we could not include the source in 3rdparty because of its restrictive licence). Please see for the details and terms of use.

Download the source code from and extract it to opendetection/3rdparty/svmlight. You should have files like svm_common.c, svm_learn.c, etc. under the directory opendetection/3rdparty/svmlight.

Installing Open Detection

With the above dependencies installed, OD should compile without any problem. Download the source from and compile it with default cmake options. The code while platform independent, is only tested and run in Linux machine. Instructions for the usage for linux are provided below:


Compile out of source using cmake+your favorite compiler. For example:

Download the code:

cd <path_to_desired_download_location>
git clone

configure with CMake and compile

cd <path_to_source>
mkdir build; cd build
cmake ..
make -j8
make install