Open Detection  1.0
od Namespace Reference




class  ODDetectorCommon
 The common class for detectors. More...
class  ObjectDetector
 This is the main class for object detection and recognition. More...
class  ODAlgorithmBase
 The base of all algorithm classes. More...
class  ODDetection
 The base class of all the detection. More...
class  ODDetection2D
 Detection for 2D with 2D location information. More...
class  ODDetection3D
 Detection in 3D with 3D location information. More...
class  ODDetectionComplete
 Detection in 2D with complete information. More...
class  ODDetections
 The container class for ODDetection. More...
class  ODDetections2D
 The container class for ODDetection2D returned by ODDetector2D. More...
class  ODDetections3D
 The container class for ODDetection3D returned by ODDetector3D. More...
class  ODDetectionsComplete
 The container class for ODDetectionComplete returned by ODDetector2DComplete. More...
class  ODDetector
 The main detector class; all special Detectors derives from this. More...
class  ODDetector2D
 The detector of 2D scene. More...
class  ODDetector3D
 The detector of 3D scene. More...
class  ODDetector2DComplete
 The detector of 2D scene performing a 'complete detection'. More...
class  ODScene
 Base class for Scenes. More...
class  ODSceneImage
 Class for Image Scene. More...
class  ODScenePointCloud
 Class for 3D scene containing point cloud. More...
class  ODTrainer
 The base class for all trainers. More...
class  ODFeatureDetector2D
class  Timer
 An utility class for Timer related operations. More...
class  FileUtils
 Utility class for File and directory handling. More...
class  ODDetectorMultiAlgo2D
 Class for running multiple Detection algorithms (with default parameters) on the same scene. More...
class  ODDetectorMultiAlgo


enum  DetectionMethod {


template<typename T >
std::string toString (T Number)
std::vector< std::string > myglob (const std::string &pat)
void normL2 (cv::Mat &descriptors)
cv::Mat makeCanvasMultiImages (std::vector< cv::Mat > &imgs, cv::Size cellSize, std::vector< std::string > messages)
 Makes composite image from the given images. More...
cv::Scalar getHashedColor (std::string name, int constadd)
static std::string getTexfileinObj (std::string objfilename)
template<typename T , typename Ptype >
void printListIn (std::vector< T > list, int n=0)
template<typename T >
void printList (std::vector< T > list)

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Definition at line 45 of file ObjectDetector.h.

Function Documentation

cv::Scalar od::getHashedColor ( std::string  name,
int  constadd 
static std::string od::getTexfileinObj ( std::string  objfilename)

Definition at line 80 of file utils.h.

cv::Mat od::makeCanvasMultiImages ( std::vector< cv::Mat > &  imgs,
cv::Size  cellSize,
std::vector< std::string >  messages 

Makes composite image from the given images.

Equal number of rows and columns are preferred. Therefore, number of rows = sqrt(number of input images)

imgsVector of Images.
cellSizeSize of individual images to be placed inside the composite images. images from imgs will be resized to this size before appending.
messagesMessages to be put on the top left of each image in imgs. Note message.size() should be equal to imgs.size().
new composite image.
std::vector<std::string> od::myglob ( const std::string &  pat)
void od::normL2 ( cv::Mat &  descriptors)
template<typename T >
void od::printList ( std::vector< T >  list)

Definition at line 175 of file utils.h.

template<typename T , typename Ptype >
void od::printListIn ( std::vector< T >  list,
int  n = 0 

Definition at line 164 of file utils.h.

template<typename T >
std::string od::toString ( Number)

Definition at line 56 of file utils.h.