Open Detection  1.0
Writing your own app

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Writing your own app

Put your c++ files in a suitable folder under example/apps. In the apps/CMakeLists.txt add the following line:

OD_ADD_EXAMPLE(<name_of_app> FILES <source_files> 
            LINK_WITH od_common <od_detector_lib_list>)

Where <od_detector_lib_list> is the list of OpenDetection libraries. Following are the currently available libraries for different detectors types:

  • local2d: od_local_image_detector
  • global2d: od_global_image_detector
  • global3d: od_pointcloud_global_detector
  • miscellaneous: od_miscellaneous_detector

Have a look at the existing CMakeLists.txt in examples/apps or examples/objectdetector for sample.